What is Mylogy?

Mylogy is EuroEspes Health's Digital Platform for Genomic Medicine for individuals and professionals.

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics is defined as the discipline that studies hereditary variations that affect individual response to drugs. It is used to personalise drug treatments in order to avoid risky interactions, adverse or toxic reactions or therapeutic ineffectiveness.

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¿Cuánto cuesta Mylogy?

El coste de Mylogy es de 450 € (IVA incluido).

Know your Pharmacogenetic Profile

Our Pharmacogenetic Analysis is the most comprehensive study in the world today. We analyse pharmacogenetic variants located in the 60 most relevant genes in the response to more than 1,200 drugs, including all the most commonly used drugs.

Your Pharmacogenetic Profile lets you, your doctor and your pharmacist know which medicines may cause toxic reactions or adverse effects and should therefore be avoided. It also tells you for which medicines you should adjust the standard dosage in order for the treatment to be effective.

Within the Pharmacogenetic Profile you can find specific panels by pharmacological categories (antithrombotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, anaesthetics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, sedatives, etc.) and by pathologies.


Next Generation Genomics

80% of adult pathologies have an important genomic basis that determines the predisposition to suffer from a given problem. Early identification through genetic testing makes it possible to develop prevention strategies to delay the onset of diseases, avoid them or reduce the complications associated with them.

EuroEspes Health

Mylogy is a digital platform for Genomic Medicine developed by Euroespes Health, an institution founded 30 years ago by Dr. Ramón Cacabelos, a pioneer in the worldwide implementation of Personalised Medicine based on knowledge of the Human Genome.

EuroEspes Health comprises a Medical Centre equipped with state-of-the-art technology, an international benchmark in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the Nervous System; a Clinical Analysis Laboratory; a Genomics Division offering Predictive Genetics, Diagnostic Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Epigenetics services; a Health Biotechnology area focused on the development of natural bioproducts and nutraceuticals and an R&D Department that has been backed by several patents.